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Woodpeckers Project Management Consultants

The flocking of Woodpeckers was in 2010 with Registered Office at Calicut, Kerala to ensure and to deliver projects with supreme quality within the stipulated time. Mainly Woodpeckers are taking care of construction projects, by guiding and streamlining the construction bustle for the owner, other professionals and for the contractor and acting as a knowledgeable pilot to steer the building construction in the right direction to bring into reality the owner’s vision.

Why Woodpeckers?

Each brain and arm at Woodpeckers is a product of prime institutions and had wholesome seasoning through numerous fruitful years and challenging assignments across the Globe.

The saddle of this organization is always safe in the hands of Ms. Renju Vijayaraj and Mr. Shaji Krishnan who are highly talented and experienced professionals in management and technical. An apt combination of them made Woodpeckers unique from other organizations of the same species.

A well structured and suitably maintained team is the real asset of Woodpeckers. It is an all encompassing organization comprising of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Structural Consultants, Architectural Consultants, Cost Accountants, Sanitary, WTP, STP, HVAC, Environmental Experts, Values & appraisers and interior planners besides legal and financial consultants.

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29/2240 B, Pipe Line Road,
Near R R Wood Industries,
Patteri, Kozhikode,
Kerala - 673 016
+91 9539 114114 info@woodpeckers.co.in

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